These terms and conditions apply to all students who enroll in courses at AuSAFE Australia

I (the student) understand and agree to the following:

  1. It is my responsibility to become familiar with AUSAFE’s policies and procedures. I am aware that there are AUSAFE policies and procedures outlined in the student information kit and website and I acknowledge that I have the responsibility to read and understand the AUSAFE information kit


  1. I will advise AUSAFE administration of any change to my address or contact details within 7 days.


  1. I have read and understood the student selection and administration policy and procedure and the refund policy located on the AUSAFE website and student information kit and accept them in their entirety.


  1. I agree that part of my course requirements I will participate in class activities, role plays and outside events as per class schedules.


  1. I release and hold harmless the AuSAFE, its Director, staff and agencies in respect to any property loss or personal injury that I may sustain whilst participating in or resulting from attending the training or any activities related to my studies however caused.


  1. I agree for AUSAFE or its agents to take/utilise photographs/videos / sound recording for public relations activities.


  1. I state that the person witnessing this signature is not related to me in any way.


  1. I understand that in the context to the RTO acting ethically and in the provision of its training services, AUSAFE maintains processes and controls to ensure that it will:
    (a) not pay or offer, either directly or indirectly, incentives to undertake government subsidised training

(b) not engage, employ, contract or otherwise deal with any Relevant Person that since 1 Jan’ 2011

(i) had a contract for government subsidised training delivery with the Department terminated
prior to the expiration date on the basis of performance; or

(ii) had its registration under the Act or National Act, or relevant equivalent legislation revoked,
suspended, cancelled or had restrictions imposed on its registered training organisation
operations that the Department considers would have affected its ability to provide services
equivalent to those under the VET Funding Contract; or

(iii) was responsible, via their acts or omissions, for any of the matters raised in ‘sub-clause 3.3(e)’
of the VET Funding Contract occurring to another person or entity.

       (c) ensure each Eligible Individual is made aware in circumstances where they are accessing their
Victorian Training Guarantee entitlement that this may impact their access to further government
subsidised training.

  1. I agree to pay all fees and charges applicable to, and arising from, this enrolment


  1. Although AuSAFE will endeavour to run all courses and classes as promoted, I acknowledge the right of the Institute to cancel or amalgamate classes if necessary.


  1. I authorise AuSAFE, or its agent, in the event of my illness or any accident that befalls me while I am at AuSAFE or during any AuSAFE-organised activity, and if my next of kin cannot be contacted within a reasonable time, to seek ambulance, medical, or surgical treatment at my cost.
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