This unit covers the competency required to operate an automated external defibrillator (AED) to defibrillate a casualty in an emergency situation.

This unit includes advanced techniques for management of the administration of an AED in line with the requirements of the Australian Resuscitation Council and State and Territory regulatory bodies. The unit also involves working with personnel who are engaged in the resuscitation of the casualty.

Cardio pulmonary resuscitation is covered in the prerequisite unit PUAEME001B Provide emergency care.

No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

Course Curriculum

1.1 Hazards are identified, minimised and if possible removed, in accordance with state/territory regulatory requirements
1.2 Casualty is reassured and positioned in a suitable position
1.3 Evaluation of signs and symptoms is undertaken to determine the casualty's condition
1.4 Casualty's condition is analysed to determine treatment requirements
1.5 Management plan is developed based on the results of the casualty assessment and the availability of equipment
1.6 Medical aid is arranged as soon as possible, consistent with maintaining casualty safety
2.1 Pre -use check of safety and potential effectiveness of equipment is undertaken in accordance with operating procedures, Australian Standards and regulatory requirements
2.2 Minor faults are diagnosed and repairs are carried out to restore equipment to working order in accordance with organisational procedures
2.3 Faults and defects are reported /recorded in accordance with organisational procedures
3.1 Equipment is set up in accordance with manufacturer's instructions
3.2 AED is attached and operated as per manufacturer's guidelines and safety procedures
3.3 Work is undertaken cooperatively with person conducting resuscitation techniques
4.1 Equipment is cleaned, discarded or disinfected, restocked and/or replenished in accordance with organisational procedures and manufacturer's guidelines
4.2 Equipment is charged, stored and safeguarded against damage or loss in accordance with organisational procedures
4.3 Reports are completed and submitted to appropriate personnel

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